Water Resources Management in the Lower Asi-Orontes River Basin



Aysegül Kibaroglu and Ronald Jaubert

Chapter 1. Addressing the complexity and uncertainty of water management in the Orontes river basin
Ronald Jaubert and Myriam Saadé-Sbeih

Chapter 2. The Effects of the conflict in the Orontes river basin in Syria
Ahmed Haj Assad and Omar Shamaly

Chapter 3. Political economy and political ecology of the Turkish section of Asi river basin
Ethemcan Turhan and Aysegül Kibaroglu

Chapter 4. Development and management of water resources of Turkey with specific reference to the Asi basin
Bülent Selek

Chapter 5. Legal and institutional basis of the Asi basin management committee
Cengiz Han Kilicaslan

Chapter 6. Land-use and land-cover changes in Amik plain, Hatay
Seref Kilic

Chapter 7. Sustainable land use planning of lower Asi river basin
Aysel Güzelmansur Gürkan

Chapter 8. Assessment of groundwater pollution parameters in  the Amik plain 
Necat Agca

Chapter 9. Water quality issues in the Asi river basin
Ayse Bahar Yilmaz

Chapter 10. Sustainable agricultural water management in the Asi basin
Berkant Odemis

Chapter 11. Sustainable water management in Hatay: Hydrographic Planning Approach
Atilla Karatas

Chapter 12. The Turkish-Syrian Friendship dam on the Orontes River: benefits for all?
Waltina Scheumann and Omar Shamaly

Chapter 13. Transboundary water relations in the Asi basin: the case of Syrian-Turkish relations
Aysegül Kibaroglu and Vakur Sümer